Real Estate Agents: We offer an opportunity to work with our real estate investor clients and many other clients. Leads are provided to agents who show the ability to close these leads. No guarantee as to how many leads are available.  Get more information or Join Our Team Now

Mortgage Loan Originator:  Loan Officers work with clients located in California, who are looking to either purchase or refinance their home. Loan Officers are responsible for building rapport, analyzing the borrower’s financial situation and determining the appropriate products to meet our clients’ needs. It is expected that you take the initiative to generate your own client base and/or work leads provided by in-house real estate professionals. In addition to communicating daily with the owner, Loan Officers must stay abreast of new types of loans, guideline changes and other financial products in order to meet the customer’s needs and maintain compliance. They must also resolve issues/difficulties across multiple departments while maintaining a high level of service to internal and external customers. Apply Here

Acquisition Managers: Analyze potential property acquisitions for our Acquisitions Department & Real Estate Investment Clients. Apply Here

Bird Dogs: Locate properties for our Acquisitions Department and  Real Estate Investment Clients. Must hold an active Real Estate Agent: Apply Here

Loan Coordinators: Find and arrange funding for our Acquisitions Department and Real Estate Investor clients. Phone: Apply Here​​

Financial Representative: We offer a world- class opportunity to build a business of your own that allows you to have complete control of your income, time and lifestyle. Our turnkey business system allows people from all walks of life the chance to realize even their wildest dreams: More information  Get your Insurance License or Join Us Today​​

NetLaw is a revolutionary platform that helps customers quickly and affordably create their estate plans, using expert technology awarded by the American Bar Association for innovation*. 90% of Americans do not have a comprehensive and up-to-date estate plan. If you’re reading this, you are probably one of them. What about your friends and loved ones that haven’t started considering what will happen when they are gone? Click here to Register as an Agent

Solar Ambassador: We pride ourselves on the speed, quality, and affordability of our clean energy solutions. But we’re more than just solar installers. We’re also a social enterprise that believes the benefits of sunshine should be shared by all. Through partnerships with Grid Alternatives, for example, we’re able to create training and employment opportunities within the communities we serve. In fact, we only hire locally, with special preference given to veterans and disadvantaged youth. Although not everyone can afford to go solar, no one should be excluded from enjoying the environmental and financial benefits that sunshine offers.: Become a Solar Ambassador​

Financial Director:  “It’s a Choice, not a Right or Privilege! It’s available to anyone who’s willing to pay the price! And… When the promise is clear, the price you pay to achieve it, is EASY!” Brian House – MWR Financial CEO Get Started Today!

Multiple Streams of Income:  Millions of people dream of working from home. Are you one of them? If you are, are you ready to stop dreaming about it and actually start living it? Well, you’re in the right place. In fact, no matter what you’re doing today, these proven, ultra-flexible opportunities fit into your schedule. Better yet, they can help you start building a recurring monthly income… as soon as tomorrow! For more information Click Here

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