Total Solutions Alliance LLC

Real Estate Agents: We offer an opportunity to work with our real estate investor clients and many other clients. Leads are provided to agents who show the ability to close these leads. No guarantee as to how many leads are available. Get your Real Estate License  or Join Our Team Now

Acquisition Managers: Analyze potential property acquisitions for our Acquisitions Department & Real Estate Investment Clients. Apply Here

Acquisition Contractors: Locate properties for our Acquisitions Department and  Real Estate Investment Clients. Phone: Apply Here

Funding Coordinators: Find and arrange funding for our Acquisitions Department and Real Estate Investor clients. Phone: Apply Here

Unlimited Opportunities as a Financial Representative: We offer a world- class opportunity to build a business of your own that allows you to have complete control of your income, time and lifestyle. Our turnkey business system allows people from all walks of life the chance to realize even their wildest dreams: More information  Get your Insurance License or Join Us Today

VTax Brand Manager: This role will be working in a highly entrepreneurial environment. VTax has a fast-growing pipeline of customers and needs talented professionals to focus on strategic marketing that grow market share and brand's reputation, and improve customer experience, drive growth and sales. The Brand Manager serves as the primary contact for the Brand Ambassadors, is responsible for Brand Ambassador support, as well as ensuring Ambassadors are up to date on product education & promotions.  Apply Here

VTax Brand Ambassador: The VTax Brand Ambassador is an exciting position for those who are socially engaged and understand the concept of referral marketing. As an Ambassador, you'll use your influence and word-of-mouth along with VTax marketing tools to drive clients to use VTax On-Demand Tax Preparation Services. Apply Here

VTax Referral Partner: If you already own a business and are looking to increase your bottom line, this is a great opportunity to set yourself apart from other businesses like yours. View our presentation Once you view the presentation if you are interested in moving forward with the partnership program or want more information: Contact us Here

Credit Management Affiliates: Help clients increase their credit scores. All that is needed is the desire to help others take control of their financial future. This is not credit repair. This is credit management. Apply Here

Multiple Streams of Income:  Millions of people dream of working from home. Are you one of them? If you are, are you ready to stop dreaming about it and actually start living it? Well, you’re in the right place. In fact, no matter what you’re doing today, these proven, ultra-flexible opportunities fit into your schedule. Better yet, they can help you start building a recurring monthly income… as soon as tomorrow! For more information Click Here