Our ACE Capital Group Land Banking opportunity encompasses some of the most valuable pre-developed land in California… and we are proud to offer these premium parcels as some of the most safe, secure, and effective investment vehicles available today. ACE Capital Group Land Banking parcels are very carefully researched and selected utilizing extremely stringent criteria to ensure our customers of the safest and most secure California land ownership possible. ACE Capital Group wholly owns each and every parcel of California land we offer to our customers… and each parcel is sold fee simple with title insurance and a recorded grant deed completely clear of any and all encumbrances.

Location is absolutely vital to an effective Land Banking strategy, and this is where our ACE Capital Group land parcels hold the cutting edge! Each and every ACE Capital Group pre-developed land parcel meets and exceeds all of the indicators and criteria required for maximum benefit to our customers as evidenced by historical data and performance in California’s Antelope Valley. Current development in the Antelope Valley is exploding… with major hotels, retailers, corporations, alternative energy companies, and educational facilities (pre-school through college) already in place and expanding. Additionally, numerous business parks, shopping centers, research and development facilities, as well as extensive residential, commercial, and light industrial developments are planned for this rapidly growing area. ACE Capital Group provides you with the opportunity to participate in premium California Land Ownership within the amazing Antelope Valley.

ACE Capital Group offers key properties and prime pre-developed land parcels when appropriate to the current market and our active parcel inventory. We invite you to peruse the following “prime parcel” key properties to determine if one of these superb land investment opportunities is right for you and your situation. If you have any questions, please contact one of our ACE Capital Group Land Banking Specialists for more information. Contact us for a complimentary consultation

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